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Crystal Training offers practitioners to purchase cost efficient learning materials on a number of Immigration Topics. Please note, the training materials do not attract CPD points.

Migration law training materials are convenient, valuable and self paced study materials available to practitioners. The information within the webinar recordings are up to date as per the date of the recording.

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Practical Skills

June 2022

Putting together Outstanding Submissions

Dealing with Difficult Clients

Conducting Client Consultations

Managing Client Relationships

Mitigating Risks and Managing Your Practice

Legendcom – Practical Training

July 2022

Transitioning from sole practitioner to running a practice

Creating a bullet proof service agreement

Saying No to your client

Breaking up with your client (negligence claims)

Mitigating Risks and Managing Your Practice

Practice Management – Working with admin staff, Managing RFIs and Leads

Dealing with difficult clients (2nd Seminar)

Client consultation – Version 2

August 2022

Practical Guide to Client Consultations (Client Management)

Dealing with Complex Case Scenarios and Saying No to your Client (Practice Management) August

Marketing Your Business – August 2022

September 2022

Account Management – September 2022

Addressing Family Violence (September 2022)

Section 48 Bar & Exclusion Period (Alternative recording) September 2022

Important Considerations with Dealing with Unexpected Deadlines – Practice Management

October 2022

Transitioning from Sole Practitioner to Managing a Practice with Evan Bishop

January 2023

Marketing your business and how not to waste your time

Managing AAT Process from commencing the matter to attending the hearing

Dealing with complaints and escalations

What is a client’s file?

August 2023

Managing and Maintaining Client Relationships

Skilled Visa options for Trade Occupations

Mitigating Risks and Managing Your Practice

How to successfully Build your client base

Creating Bullet Proof Service Agreement

October 2023

Avoiding Visitor Visa Refusal from High Risk Countries

Use of AI in Migration

Putting forward outstanding submission

January 2024

Employer Sponsored Visas

June 2022

DAMA Presentation with Geoff Heath

Transitioning from Subclass 491 visa to 191 visa (PR)

ENS Advanced Session

TSS Transitional Arrangements Workshop Part 1

Training Visas Subclass 407

Transitional Arrangements TSS Workshop Part 2

TSS Visas Advanced Session

TSS Visas (Alternative Recording)

Advanced Employer Sponsored Workshop (407, 482, 186)

July 2022

Employer Sponsored Visas Workshop v2 (482 ENS 407)

Transitional Arrangements Part 2 (TSS to ENS) Real Case Studies Included

407 – Putting Together a training plan

494 Regional Skilled Employer Sponsored Visa

Employer Nomination Scheme (Advanced Workshop)

August 2022

Managing LMT Process for TSS Visas (August 2022)

September 2022

Advanced Employer Sponsored Visas Workshop – September 2022 (186, 482, 407)

Summit Video – Update on Employer Visas

October 2022

TSS Visas with Yin Chiew

ENS Visas With Evan Bishop

ENS Advanced Class with Yin Chiew

All About TSS Visas With Evan Bishop

All about 407 Visa with Evan Bishop

494 Visa with Evan Bishop

January 2023

Managing LMT process for 482 and 494 visas

Labour Agreements

Registration requirements for 482, 186 and 494 Visas

May 2023

Benefits of Becoming an Accredited Sponsor

Updated ENS Workshop

Managing LMT Process

TSS Workshop including transitional arrangements

Overhaul of Employer Sponsored Migration 23/24

Caveats on TSS and ENS Visas

August 2023

Complete Guide to Employer Sponsored Visas 407, 482 and 186

Overseas Business Sponsorships (OBS)

October 2023

Understanding Employment Visas

400 Visas Immediate Solution to Skills Shortage

OBS Updated

January 2024

Understanding Employer Sponsored Visas 407, 186, 482