Understanding the ins and outs of on-hire labour agreements with Patrick Vanderham – 16th July 2024 – 12pm AEST (2 CPDs)


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16th July 2024 – 12 – 2pm

You will understand the reasons why an On hire labour agreement (OHLA) is a viable option for some companies; you will see how is the process of applying for an OHLA and consultation with specific Stakeholders and learn how to form stronger long term relationships with clients when and if you complete and administer an OHLA.

Topics covered:
-What are Labour Agreements and on hire Labour Agreements (OHLA)
-What is the relationship between OHLA, End/Host Clients and the Visa holder
-Why labour agreements, from the Sponsor, End/Host client and the Visa Holder’s point of view
-Engaging Industry Stakeholders
-What and how should you charge for your consultation and lodgement

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