Private Tutoring

We are aware that the role of a Registered Migration Agent or an Immigration Lawyer can at times be daunting or an overwhelming experience. Certain cases are complex, and there may be a level of uncertainty about what to advise your client or even where to start. We are here to assist. 

Through continued support of Crystal Training, we offer our RMAs and Lawyers following service: Private Tutoring.

What is private tutoring

Private tutoring is a one on one session, between you and Ross Ahmadzai, Immigration Lawyer with 15 years of experience, that will provide you all of the support and assistance that you need on the topic that you want to discuss with him.  

These sessions are also reported as CPD points.

No topic is off limits. The service is designed to assist new as well as seasoned practitioners.  There are no lock in contracts and no obligations to book in multiple sessions.

For those who are interested in learning multiple topics or require ongoing support, we have the following available:

Private Tutoring – 1 hour session

inclusive of materials

$360 ex. GST

Book here

Private Tutoring – 3x 1 hour sessions

inclusive of materials

$972 ex. GST (Save 10%)

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Private Tutoring – 5x 1 hour sessions

inclusive of materials

$1530 ex. GST (Save 15%)

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Private Tutoring – 10x 1 hour sessions

inclusive of materials

$2880 ex. GST (Save 20%)

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Note, the above purchases do not expire therefore you are welcome to book a bundle of tutorials and use them as you require.


Q How long is the Tutorial?

A: Please allocate approximately 1 hour per tutorial

Q Do I have to send the questions before the tutorial?

A: The preference is yours. If you have specific questions, you are welcome to send these to us or alternatively, you can ask questions at any time during the class.

Q Will there be other people besides me in the tutorial?

A  This is a one on one tutoring service therefore CMT will never pair or bundle you with another person.  Group tutorials are only available upon your personal request.  For example, if you wish to be in class with your colleague

Q What topics can I discuss?

A:  No topic is off-limit, you may discuss visa subclasses, complex cases, immigration rules and regulations, policy interpretation.  The level of complexity will depend on your experience and preference

Q Do I need to book multiple tutorials? 

A: There are no lock in contracts, you may book either one or multiple tutorials however each class aims to finish the subject matter therefore you will not be in any way disadvantaged by purchasing one tutorial.