Annual Subscription Services

Subscribe and save

We value our ongoing relationships with our fellow practitioners.  Crystal Training is offering 12 month subscription service for an annual fee of $250 plus GST which gives you access to either

1) one set of two day workshops valued at $300 plus GST

2) up to 10 category A point workshops valued at $30 plus GST

3) Free access to category B workshops (unlimited with each purchase of category A subject or purchase of 10 point workshops)


Note the membership is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and any unused CPDs cannot be rolled over to the next 12 months. This membership also gives you 25% discount on our advisory services. You will also have access to our Complimentary Resources which will be updated on a regular basis and will include bonus material such as free visa FAQ sheets, service agreement templates, FAQ documents and newsletter articles.

The membership is non refundable and any unused CPD’s cannot roll over the next membership cycle or be refunded on a pro rata basis.  See our full terms and conditions for further details.