B2B Immigration Services

We appreciate that the role of a Registered Migration Agent or an Immigration Lawyer can be daunting or an overwhelming experience. Some cases may seem too complex, and you may be unsure on what to advise your client or even where to start. We are here to assist. 

Through continued support of Crystal Training, we offer the following services B2B to RMAs and Immigration Lawyers (Note, this service is not available to public):

  • Genuineness Reports (Subclass 492, 482 and 186 Visas) – we assist RMAs and Lawyers with preparation of genuineness statements. These are tailored specifically to the nature and size of the business, location, and occupation.
  • AMSR Reports (Subclass 186, 494 and 482 Visas) – we assist with preparation of annual market salary rate reports for businesses and RMAs based on the business needs, occupations choice as well as mapping out terms and conditions of employment as per the relevant Awards and Enterprise Agreements.
  • LMT Reports (Subclass 494 and 482 Visas) – LMT forms a crucial part of nomination application. As part of the process, CMT ensures the job advertisements meet the requirements as per the relevant instrument
  • Submissions – CMT assists with preparation and review of various submissions, health waivers, character statements, PIC 4020, exclusion periods, NOITTAs and much more.
  • Application Reviews – we provide review services of applications, documents, and submissions of visa and sponsorship applications, appeals, Tribunal matters, Ministerial Intervention applications and FCC matters.
  • Training Plans – CMT aids with training plans for 407 visas
  • RMA & Lawyers Consultations – as part of our supporting services, we provide consultations for Lawyers and RMAs in relation to their matters, which includes  written advice 
Consultation – Express – 15 Minutes – Phone call to discuss a matter or query, note this service is a telephone service only. No written assessment is included. Service available between 9am to 6pm AEDT$65 – click here to book
Consultation – Express – 30 Minutes – Phone call to discuss a matter or query, note this service is a telephone service only. No written assessment is included. Service available between 9am to 6pm AEDT$130 – click here to book
Consultation – includes pre assessment of the matter, zoom call and written advice$270 (Standard consultation) between 9am to 6pm AEDT
$450 (Express consultation) or if the advice is needed within 12 hours 

Weekend Consultation – which includes pre assessment of your matter, zoom call or face to face appointment as well as written advice.

This service is capped to 3 consultations per day – first spots available on first come first served basis.

$500 – click here to book
B2B Immigration Services – review work, for example, pre lodgement review or eligibility assessmentPlease contact assistance@crystalmigrationtraining.com.au to obtain a quote
White label service – CMT will prepare, review and provide advice as appropriate, you will however maintain full ownership of your clientPlease contact assistance@crystalmigrationtraining.com.au to obtain a quote
Private one on one tutoring (including deep dive into visa subclasses and other topics) – 1 hour plus course materials$360 per lesson – click here to book

You should email your enquiry to assistance@crystalmigrationtraining.com.au and outline the nature of your enquiry. Upon assessment, one of our practitioners will confirm the service which you require based on complexity and will book a time with you. If you require advice within 12 hours there will be an additional charge for provision of this advice. See above for indicative pricing. We will advise you if we are able to deliver the advice within 12 hours before you make your booking. In terms of subsequent advisory services, a fee to expedite the service may be paid, however this should be discussed with one of the practitioners directly.